Art of Music – Artist Statement

The paintings in this show were inspired by my journey with three friends, backpacking across China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, followed by a solo trip to Pakistan.  Each of us brought unique skills and interests to the group, but above all, we benefit from a love of music and a genuine appreciation for connecting to people. We accomplished this by performing music in Uyghur bazaars, aboard Uzbek trucks, as guests of Pakistani officials, in Kyrgyz homes and picnics, for Mongolian tour guides, and many others. Wherever we found ourselves, despite the rigors of travel, we met with the kindness of strangers and through music, crossed language barriers that our words could not.

The show features 19 original works in watercolor, ink and gouache depicting music and musical instruments from the region. As part of my goal to bridge cultures and benefit artists, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jorge “Tyme” Martinez, a friend and local artist who lent his graffiti born aesthetic to 6 of the pieces in the show.

After enjoying the exhibition, I invite you to take the journey further through the online component of the show at

Adnan Hussain, Los Angeles 2013

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