Chinatown, Los Angeles with the Mamiya 645

Chinatown, Los Angeles with the Mamiya 645

I really like adapting old manual lenses to my digital camera. I’ve been playing around with a nice Mamiya medium format lens. That lead me to be more interested in other medium format lenses. I saw a great deal on a set with a Mamiya 645 camera, ready to use with 2 additional lenses, and went for it. Unfortunately the aperture blades don’t work, so I shot this wide open on the 70mm f2.8 LS lens, that I previously owned, which also, I can only shoot wide open. 3 out of 3 lenses with issues so far. Still, the lenses are really good, so I went to Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles one evening and stayed on for a few hours of the night. I walked around with a terrible tripod, and a wonderful Mamiya 645 medium format camera, taking a shot here and there and just enjoying getting into a slightly deeper thought process than when I shoot digital.

After getting the film developed, I scanned the negatives with an Epson v550 scanner, which worked beautifully. Below are my favorite shots from the roll.

I really enjoyed the process and felt like I could do with exploring black and white a lot further, before I think about color.

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