Gurdas Mann

Stayed home sick today, but I had my pal Gurdas Mann to cheer me up!

Let him cheer you up too.


Lakh Pardesi

He’s awesome, but a lot of the cds tend to be
too synthesized for my tastes, though I can’t help but listen because it is Gurdas Mann after all, but these two live recordings are great! Must find some cds more like this. Any recommendations?

6 thoughts on “Gurdas Mann

  1. Sweet MadGooRoo, Thank you for bringing so much sublime art and fantastic music into my life.
    Please treat yourself with kindness. Get well soon.

  2. Hey my voodoo doll works! Or should I say gooroo doll.hehe. Cheer Up mate
    I hope you are well enough to SketchCrawl. Call if you need some
    Chicken soup.

  3. Thanks Mark, Helena, Bess, Cholki and Alina! Thanks for pointing out Marcelo’s blog! Haha! Sneaky guy. I’m happy to say that I feel much better 1 week later!

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