Manisha and Asha

I went to see Manisha Shahane and Ashwini Srikantiah perform with their bands at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Manisha has a great deal of variety in her set. For one song, she brought her friend’s kids on stage to make train sounds when she pointed to them during the song. Asha was a lot of fun with her band (including Sandeep, playing guitar and later eating crepes in the green shirt) too!Here are a bunch of watercolor sketches from their performances and of the people around me. There’s also a sketch of Aki and an unfinished one of Big D manning the camera. That one’s unfinished because I drew the camera too small…in ink! I think the watercolor of Manisha, Beret and Asha is my favorite. It was the loosest of these sketches. Still can’t capture a likeness in any kind of detail..especially very quickly…got to work on that.

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