2D Animation Lesson 2 – Character Model Sheet

2D Animation Lesson 2 – Character Model Sheet

In this lesson, we’ll take the ideas learned from the bouncing ball lesson and apply them to a character. The ball was an easy shape to draw. Characters can be more difficult, but we can make them easier to draw by breaking them down into simpler shapes, like sphere, cylinders etc.

Here are some examples of characters broken down into simpler shapes.

bugs bunny model sheet

More Model Sheets

Class Work

1. Design a character with a head, two arms and two legs. Don’t worry about making fingers and facial features (eyes, nose and mouth etc). Just make the basic shapes, without extra details like clothes.

2. Make a single drawing of your character from the front.

3. With another sheet of paper on top, or if on the computer, in another layer on top, draw shapes like circles, rectangles, cylinders over your character to simplify it down to basic shapes.

4. Draw the side/profile view and isometric/perspective/3/4 view of your character, using the shapes to help stay on model (keep it looking the same). This is your model sheet. it will help you to redraw the character in different poses and angles and still keep it looking consistent.

1. Finish you model sheet.

2. Draw some poses, and expressions with the character to get a feel for how he or she will move and what his or her personality is like. Act out these poses and then draw them.

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