Presentation at Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton, and Westminster

Interfaith Council Meeting Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster

My friend Ann Nguyen, who inspires with all the care and good she does, invited me to share a presentation at the Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster, at their monthly lunch time meeting. It was a lot of fun to share the story of the Girnari Jogi Group, and how I met them through creating my short film Gul. I talked about my work, and more importantly, the story of how it was that through the help of many dear friends in Pakistan and the U.S. that journey led to a short film with music by incredible musicians, practicing their centuries old tradition, a crowd funded album that raised funds for them, and even today continues to bring them to new audiences.

Interfaith Council Meeting Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster

It seemed almost appropriate what happened afterwards. Ann found that she had a flat tire. As I was pulling out the spare to change it, a young man named Elrod walked up and asked if we needed any help. We said sure, and had a little chat and changed the tire. It turns out he’s a student, and teaches swimming close by and happened to be on his break. There’s something great about simple acts of kindness. I know that nothing I have done would be possible without endless help from people who step forward to ease things along the way. Thank you.

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