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  • Xaml Error and Reset Ribbon

    By Adnan Hussain

    Software: 3DS Max 2011

    OS: Windows Vista

    During startup of 3DS Max I have run across this error. First a window will appear:

    Followed by:

    You can click through these error messages and still launch the program, but our ribbons menus will be gone.

    The problem is that a file called MaxManaged.xaml has become corrupt for whatever reason.

    First close 3DS Max.

    You can find the MaxManaged.xaml file in your user, appdata folder, which for me was:

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsmax\2011 – 32bit\enu\UI\

    You’ll notice that this file has a size of 0KB if it is corrupt. Simply delete it, and make a copy of the backup file MaxManaged.xaml.backup, renamed to MaxManaged.xaml.

    Relaunch 3DS Max and you should be good now. Unfortunately, this problem is likely to occur again, but at least now you have a solution.

5 Responsesso far.

  1. daniyal says:


    i searched in all files in my PC , but i don’t have ( MaxManaged.xaml )

    please help me


  2. Spenelo says:

    Thanks. My max done this looong ago, and I only recently started dabbling with it again.

    Got this problem again and this fix up sorted it quickly.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Wissam Sader says:

    I tried the following but this did not help. my viewports still lags when zooming and panning even in an empty scene

    • mad guru says:

      Hi Wissam, thanks for visiting. This fix really isn’t about viewport speed. It is a way to fix the error “Xaml Error and Reset Ribbon” if it shows up as a pop up window in 3ds max. I am not sure what might cause your viewport lag, but you can look into customize/preferences and try different display drivers. I don’t really know much more about that, but you can try doing a search on google for 3ds max viewport lag to see how other people have tried to solve this issue.

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