Gul (flower) Credits


A Film by

Adnan Hussain spent his formative years in the US, as well as Pakistan. A childhood fascination with writing stories combined with a steady diet of comics, cartoons and books warped his brain forever, leaving him no choice but to do what he does today. After years of visual effects and animation work, “Gul” marks his directorial debut, though mostly he directed a team consisting of himself.


Sound Design by

Brian Stroner

Musicians aquired by

Fatah Daudpoto

Music by:

Ustad Amb Jogi (Composer/Dholak) from Umerkot, is the grandson of the tabla player Ustad Khamuso Jogi, and trained under Ustad Nazir Khan.

Jairam Jogi (Murli) is a seventh generation Murli player.

Ustad Mohammad Buksh (Banjo) was born in Talhar and learned under his uncle, Ustad Bilawal Bailjum.

Nasir Jogi (2nd Murli) is from Umerkot.

Ibrahim Jogi (Tali)

Zulfiqar Ali Gopang(Recording Engineer on Music)

Recording Facilities by

Website by

Jayson Joseph

Thanks to:

Saeeda Hussain, Tasadduq Hussain, Waqas Hussain, Kristeen Singh, Cholki Han, Terry Ziegelman, Zach Schlappi, Suffi Bilal Khalid, Saeed Mangi, Majeed Sumro, Naimat Sahib, Azam Bugti and all who encouraged, critiqued and took time to help in the process.

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