Grand Park’s Downtown Bookfest watercolors

Grand Park’s Downtown Bookfest watercolors

I enjoyed Grand Park’s Downtown Bookfest today with friends. There were all kinds of hands on writing, art and book making activities, a well curated selection of books from various publishers courtesy of Writ Large Press, as well as panels, poets and musicians. gia scott-heron, grand park booklets, writ large press I managed a quick sketch of Gia Scott-Heron, talented poet and daughter of the great Gil Scott Heron, though I enjoyed pieces by several poets, including David Kipen’s piece on Union Station and Bill Burgos’ piece on classical music on the bus in Los Angeles. Beautiful images were created with words, set to improvised music, by a talented band. I picked up a handful of comics by a variety of artists with fresh styles and interesting points of view. I’m sure the inspiration will seep into my own comics.

One for the Road band in Little Tokyo Afterwards I walked around Little Tokyo, and ended the night with some music in the courtyard by a band called One for the Road. Just another beautiful day in Los Angeles. Thank you.

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