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Extemproary Elites at the Blue Whale

Extemporary Elites at the Blue Whale

Went to see Extemporary Elites at the Blue Whale. Here are some sketches made during the show.


omar offendum and DJ Arshia of Discostan at LA 4 Gaza at echoplex

LA 4 Gaza at the Echoplex Sketches

Went out to support an event called “LA 4 Gaza” which took place at the Echoplex. Some good friends (Discostan and Radio Sombra) put it together with fantastic music to raise funds for Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, who do fantastic humanitarian aid work in the region.

Great to see people like Omar OffendumAna TijouxKadhja Bonet, Awesome Tapes from AfricaNGUZUNGUZU with my favorite DJs from Discostan, Arshia and Jeremy and hosted by Nizar Wattad.

Here are some sketches I drew in the dark.



LA India Ensemble at Calarts Watercolor Sketches

LA India Ensemble at Calarts Watercolor Sketches

I went to see my friend Neelamjit Dhillon perform along with Raginder “Violinder” Momi, Rajib Karmakar and Vineet Vyas as the LA India Ensemble at Calarts. Great show! Here are some sketches I made during the show.

Hari Kondabolu, Solomon Georgio, Elicia Sanchez at the Troubadour

Hari Kondabolu at the Troubadour

I went to see comedian Hari Kondabolu at the Troubadour. Great show, with some really good comics such as Solomon GeorgioElicia Sanchez. Here are some sketches I made during the show.


Young Workers Rising Block Party Maya Jupiter, Omar Offendum and Quetzal perform.

Young Workers Rising Block Party

Congratulations to my friend Shukry and all the people that came together to make the first annual Young Workers Rising Block Party a success. I managed a few sketches of Maya Jupiter and her band with a guest cameo by Omar Offendum. What a set. Wow. I can’t wait to hear more. They were followed by ever fantastic band Quetzal. Here are a few sketches and some youtube videos below that to give you a taste.

urdu markaz mushaira los angeles 2014

Urdu Markaz Los Angeles 2014 Mushaira

I took my parents to a mushaira (Urdu poetry recital) featuring Pakistani and Indian poets. There was a lot of beautiful poetry with commentary on social issues in both serious and humorous tones. I took my iPad with me and made these sketches in an app called Procreate. You can also see a video of each sketch being drawn thanks to a feature in the app.

Here’s the full piece of Iqbal Ashhar performing his poetry that I included in the video above.

MVP Open Mic Night at the Levantine Cultural Center

MPV Youth Open Mic at Levantine Cultural Center

I went to the MPV Youth Open Mic at Levantine Cultural Center and saw a lot of talent sharing pieces, close to their hearts. Here are a few pencil sketches I managed during the night.

sheila govindarajan

Sheila Govindarajan and friends at Downstairs at 57

Exhausted from work, I went over to see my friend Sheila Govindarajan with other great musicians play at Downstairs at 57 in downtown LA. I managed to grab some markers and a small sketchbook on my way out the door and made these sketches during the show in all my sleeplessness.

So much talent on that little stage. Thanks.

ramadan poetry, writ large press, dtlab, traxx

An Evening of Ramadan Poetry – DTLAB – Writ Large Press

I want to Ramadan Poetry, a night of poetry that came out of my friend Taz‘s “Poetry a Day for Ramadan” project for people to create poetry every day as during the month. This was the outcome of that wonderful project, in Union Station thanks to DTLAB, Writ Large Press and Traxx Bar for generously hosting.

Here’s a video of the process behind these sketches thanks to Procreate, an app on the iPad that I used to create the sketches.

ramadan poetry sketches from Adnan Hussain on Vimeo.