Show up

[gallery columns="5" ids="13425,13426,13427,13428,13429,13430,13431,13432,13433,13434,13435,13436,13437,13438,13439,13440,13441,13442,13443,13444,13445,13446"] The protest at LAX today was reaffirming for me in the power of people coming together for positive change. I am glad for the friends who joined and all others who are working in their own way. It is something we have done before the current US…

Risalo Photo Updates August

I've continued to take photos to test out and plan scenes for my puppet film "Risalo". Here, you can see lighting for a burning village, regular village, early morning in the desert and one small glimpse of a sandstorm. [gallery ids="13150,13149,13148,13147,13146,13145,13144,13143,13142"]
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