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Post Natyam Collective’s “Super Ruwaxi: Origins” Sketches

I’ve been working with Post Natyam Collective on their dance theater production entitled “Super Ruwaxi: Origins” this whole month. We’re a few days away from the Los Angeles preview, so I thought I’d share some artwork from my contributions to the process. I’ve been painting countless backgrounds, creating animations and doing a bunch of green screen compositing to help flesh out the world of Super Ruwaxi. A lot of the animation techniques I’m using are ones I also taught at some of my recent classes. It’s been really interesting to use an iPad as a production tool. I’ve been painting using Procreate and created some 2D animation using Animation Creator HD, both apps for the iPad.

You can see some sketches and paintings above, and animation below to give you a taste of some of my contributions to the piece.

Angeliqie Kidjo at Grand Performances

Angelique Kidjo at Grand Performances

I went to see Angelique Kidjo at Grand Performances. What an amazing show. The place was packed, the music was great and I managed to do some sketches during the show.

LACMA Caricatures

LACMA Caricatures

I had the pleasure of drawing caricatures at LACMA today during a graduation event for their high school program. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t take any photos as I was busy drawing, but here are some thanks to my friend Eduardo.



I grew up reading comics, and other books. These days as I am working on my own, it is a lot of fun to pick up a book that really inspires. Rebetiko by David Prudhomme is one such book. It tells the story of musicians caught up in Greece’s turn to fascism in the 1930s. It is beautifully drawn, with interesting characters and a wonderful slice of life feel to history told by regular people.




symbiosis cd cover

Abbas Premjee – Symbiosis Album Cover

Abbas Premjee approached me regarding album artwork for “Symbiosis”, his latest CD. He wanted something abstract that would embody the idea of a symbiotic connection. I listened to the beautiful tracks on the album, then began sketching out ideas, which lead me to the process below. Listen to the album below. Purchase it here.


dj bandish projekt amarnath ravva mehfil massive

Kaya Press’ Mehfil Massive at USC

Here are some sketches I made during the performances at Kaya Press’ Mehfil Massive event at USC. Organized by Neelanjana Banerjee, with D’Lo as the host who presented DJ Bandish Projekt, Amarnath Ravva, Salman Ahmad of Junoon, Kazim Ali, Brooklyn Shanti, Robin Sukhadia aka Tablapusher, Tarfia Faizullah, Gingger Shankar, Bhanu Kapil, Mandeep Sethi, Raginder “Violinder”, Crowned Kinglsy, Jordan Palmer and Tabla Vadak.

dlo mehfil massive

dj bandish projekt amarnath ravva mehfil massive

salman ahmad kazim ali mehfil massive

brooklyn shanti robin sukhadia_ mehfil massive

tarfia faizullah mehfil massive

brooklyn shanti mehfil massive

gingger shankar bhanu kapil mehfil massive

mandeep sethi crowned kingsly mehfil massive

tabla_vadak_jordan palmer mehfil massive

raginder violinder mehfil massive

san jacinto mountains watercolor

San Jacinto Mountains watercolor

After a short trip to Joshua Tree we head up to the San Jacinto Mountains and I managed this small watercolor sketch.

san jacinto mountains watercolor

shivratri, shakti dance, bharata natyam, malibu temple

Shivratri at the Malibu Temple with Shakti Bharat Natyam

I joined some friends in enjoying Shivrartri at the Malibu Temple, featuring a beautiful offering of a Bharata Natyam performance by the Shakti School, featuring my friend Akhila.

It is inspiring to see the dedication of these students of all ages performing with such poise, delicacy, grace and fierceness.  I enjoyed this window into a tradition that has evolved over centuries, and today these dancers from Los Angeles, are still connected to dance forms practiced in Temples centuries ago.

It’s tough to capture poses in such quick movement, but I did manage some watercolor sketches, and an attempt to capture the energy they shared.