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pakistani folk puppetry

The purpose of this directory of traditional Pakistan puppeteers, is to make available direct contacts for these talented puppeteers along with their work samples, to encourage and enable people to call book them for performances. Each group has collections of puppets, a storyteller, puppeteers and accompanying singers for a full live performance. I met them while searching for puppeteers to collaborate on my puppetry film, ‘Risalo‘.


Khurshid “Sadar” Ali party – contact: 03036424472 / 03006320377

Jameel Akhtar puppeteer – contact: 03032144968

Mohammed Shafi puppeteer – contact: 03024806918

Ashiq Hussein puppeteer – contact: 03057806378

Allah Buksh (son Amjad Ali) – contact: 03069859151

Mohammed Amin 03045070095

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