Creating a UV Template in 3DS Max

Creating a UV Template in 3DS Max is very easy, and can make painting maps in photoshop or other programs much easier.

1. After creating UVs for your model, select the model or models that will share a single template image.

2. Apply an Unwrap UVW modifier and set it to the appropriate mapping channel (if in doubt, it is most likely channel 1 unless you explicitly created uvs for a different channel).

3. Click Open UV Editor in the Unwrap UVW modifier rollout.uvw_template_v01


4. Check the UVW layout. If it looks correct, open the tools menu and click Render UVW Template.


5. Adjust size, fill color, line color etc to your needs and click Render UV Template to create the template image. Save the resulting image. You can invert the image and use it as a multiply layer in photoshop over the layers that you will paint for the texture.

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