Girnari Jogi Group


The Girnari Jogi Group is a group of master musicians based out of Sindh, Pakistan. They are 7th and 8th generation musicians, continuing to hand down their lineage of music. Jogis are known for an instrument called Murli, which is used to play lehra to entrance and charm snakes and jinns. The line up on their debut album includes Sherebano (vocals), Sanam Chakori (vocals), Ustad Amb Jogi (Dholak), Jairam Jogi (Murli), Bhiko Jogi (Murli), Sajjan Jogi (Harmonium) and Ibrahim Jogi (Tali).

2008 Recorded Score for animated short film “Gul”.

2011 Ustad Amb Jogi won best instrumentalist at the Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Festival in Sindh, Pakistan.

2012 Recorded their first album.

Ustad Amb Jogi performed with the Sketches in Dubai.

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