Junglee 8 Bit

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My friend DJ Ben G sent me a wonderful track called Junglee (Upside Down in it) which he had recently produced. It had a fun sound that appealed to me and seemed like a perfect fit for some techniques I was working on already. So, without any promises, I set out to brainstorm and see what I could do.

I thought some cool shapes and lights would be an interesting way to play with the beats and movement I felt in the piece. Then I decided to watch the original movie, a wonderful Indian movie called Junglee, starring Shammi Kapoor for some inspiration. I wanted to do something quick, which seems next to impossible in animation, and fun too. I really enjoyed the story of the film and that along with the creative sounds in Ben G’s mix made me think of old 8 bit video games like Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers. It sounded like a mashup of the two and so I thought, why not approach the visuals in the same way.

Watch the original film and you’ll recognize many references in the piece. Let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments here and on youtube.


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