Apple Compressor Output Rename Bug Work Around

I was working on a project in Final Cut Pro X where I needed to export several video files from different portions of my timeline. This should be an easy task, but I ran across several issues, and it took me hours to come up with a work around fr all of this. I’m using Apple Compressor 4.2 with Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1.

The Problem

compressor output file rename problem
In Compressor, I can rename the output file here, but it reverts back when it outputs the file.

In Compressor, I renamed the output file as seen in this image, but the output file stuck to the name Compressor gave it. When exporting multiple files form one timeline, that means all the output filenames are the same, so they overwrite one another. That kind of takes the usefullness out of Compressor’s batch rendering.

What else could I do?

Output Rename Work Around
Since the output filename that Compressor assigns is a combination of the render preset name and the project name from FCPX, I renamed my project before sending each job to Compressor. Even that had to be done in a precise way, otherwise the selected portion of the timeline was forgotten and the whole timeline was exported. Here are the steps to get the name you want and only export the portion you want. It is very much a hack, but it works, until Apple fixes this issue.

1. Rename your FCPX project to what you want the clip you are exporting to be called.

fcpx project rename
Select and then click on the project name to rename.

2. Select the Range Selection tool and select the portion of the timeline you wish to export.

range selection tool
range selection tool
selected range
selected range in timeline.

3. Send to Compressor.

file menu / send to compressor
file menu / send to compressor

If you select the range, then rename the project and send to Compressor, in Compressor, it will export the entire timeline and not the selected portion.

4. Compressor Output.

Compressor should open up with your project added.

compressor timeline
you should see your project name and the timeline will reflect the portion you selected.

Select this task so it is hilited as seen in the image.

5. Drag your settings onto the plus sign.

Drag to add preset or add render settings any other way.

Now the output file has the correct name, based on your project filename and the output settings preset name.

You can add more jobs the same way and then hit Start Batch to get it cooking.

This really is not the way things should be, but until it gets fixed, at least there is a work around to get things done.

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