01 Flip Book Animation Lesson


blank notecards, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, crayons or markers.

In this lesson we’ll create flip book animations. If you don’t have notecards, you can cut pieces of paper down to size and use that instead. It will work best with some type of paper that has weight to it for easier flipping.

An easy way to start off is with abstract shapes. Here are some sample videos of shapes being animated.

Based on the beautiful paintings of Joan Miro:

Another Miro inspired piece, this time by Alberto Reyes.

Joan Miro from Alberto Reyes on Vimeo

This one from Sacide Basaran:

Abstract shape animation from Sacide Basaran on Vimeo.

A Kandinsky inspired piece by Milli Ramiro:

Kandinsky from Milly Ramiro on Vimeo.

A piece by Bide Cui:

Abstract Animation from Bide Cui on Vimeo.

Animation by Lucy Kim:

Shape Animation from Lucy Kim on Vimeo.

A piece by Hugo Lin:

Shape animation from Hugo Lin on Vimeo.

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