Maya to 3DS Max – Animation

Here’s a quick lesson on animating in 3ds Max, for people coming from a Maya background.

1. Editing curves in 3DS Max is done through the Track View – Curve Editor, found in the Graph Editors menu as seen below.

maya to 3ds max animation

2. To set which curves are shown in the track view, select Filters, from the View menu.

maya to 3ds max animation

3. You can set it to show only curves for the selected objects, only animated tracks etc by checking the appropriate boxes below.

maya to 3ds max animation

4. Once you have done this, you can see the position, rotation and other tracks of your objects in the track view on the left, and graph on the right of the trackview, to edit keys and curves. There are also quick buttons in the middle to set tangent types of selected keys.

maya to 3ds max animation

5. At the bottom of your 3ds Max interface, you can find the time slider. You can also select, move and delete keys here.

6. There are also 3 buttons by the key icon for setting animation to on. I generally animate with Auto Key pressed on, which gives the viewport a red outline. Just click it once to turn on and once to turn off.

7. To the right of that you can find your basic time navigation tools, to play animation, advance frames etc. You can hit time configuration (the bottom right icon in that set to change the frame range of the shot etc.

8. Lastly, in the lower right corner you can see the viewport navigation icons.

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