Maya to 3DS Max – Brad Noble Animation Rig

These notes are specific to the Brad Noble rig, which is a 3rd party rig that is not built into 3ds Max.

1. You filter out what types of objects can be selected using the pulldown on the top left.


maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

2. Click the icon highlighted at the top right to open the Layer window.

3. In the Layer window, you can find the rig seperated into Bones, Control, Hidden and Manipulator. The second column allows you to hide or unhide layers. The third allows you to freeze them, so they will still be visible, but not selectable.

4. Most of the animation controls (the green boxes) are Helpers, except the fingers which are blue geometry. Below you can see only the Controls layer displayed. These are the only objects that you need to animate. You can display the bones layer to make it easier to see, and freeze it so you don’t accidentally select it.

maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

5. Many Controls have additional parameters available when you select the control and click on the Modify Panel in the top right. Select the Hand and Control and there are parameters to animate each finger. You can also select and rotate the blue finger controls directly. (See below)

maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

6. The large box to the left is the “Master Control”. For neatness, position your character in the world with this, then animate the “Waist control” instead of the Master Control to move the body around. There is a Hip Control for animating the hips.

7. IK/FK can be easily switched. For feet, just select the char_FK foot R object. In the modify panel you will see an IK Blend slider, which can be animated with the auto key button set to on.

maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

8. For hands you can select the char IK arm control, or if you can’t find it, just select the hand control and click on Select Arm Control as seen below.

maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

8. That will select the arm control with the IK Blend slider to switch between IK/FK. You may notice, there are also additional shoulder controls, just as the foot control has foot roll etc.

maya to 3ds max brad noble animation rig

9. Those are the basics of the rig. Have a look at some of the other parameters by selecting controls and looking at the modify panel. You will find squash and stretch and lots of other features.

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