Working with Houdini HQueue Windows


HQueue is the queue rendering software for Houdini, which allows network rendering if you have multiple licences or multiple machines, or it allows you to send a sequence of render or simulation jobs to be run one after another on a single machine. I’m new to Houdini, but this page contains some basic information that I found difficult to find. HQueue FAQ from SideFX


  1. If HQueue is not already installed, go to your Houdini install file and run it.



2. Click yes to this dialog. No, you won’t be installing Houdini again if you already have it installed.


3. Click next.


4. Click ‘I Agree’.



5. Uncheck everything, except ‘HQueue Server’ abd ‘HQueue Client’, then click ‘Next’.

This will install HQueue to your machine. You can repeat these steps and only install ‘HQueue Client’ on additional machines to render with. HQueue Server is the machine that passes on and controls jobs for all machines on your network.

Rendering with HQueue

1. Open the .hip file you wish to render.

2. In the out tab, add an hq_render node after the mantra node you wish to render.


3. With the hq_render node selected, click ‘Submit Job’.


4. Once your job has been submitted, you should see this dialog pop up.


5. You can just click Ok. I tried clicking Open HQueue, but it did not work. Instead, I got this:


6. Not to worry, you can access the queue by opening your web browser. Open a web browser and type in <your computer name>:5000 in the address field and press enter. That should bring up the HQueue jobs list where you can monitor jobs, pause, delete etc.


There you have it.


Additional issues and notes:


I have not been able to render Houdini Takes (a convenient way to create different settings from a single HIP file) using HQUEUE. It gives a write error and states that Takes can’t be rendered using HQueue.

Houdini Indie and IFD files cause render fails.

If you are using Houdini Indie as I am, you may find your render jobs failing on the queue. One reason is that Houdini Indie does not allow you to create IFD files, which hq_render is set to do by default. So in Houdini, select your hq_render node, go to the Mantra Options tab and uncheck Generate IFDs, then submit your job..