Faqeer Gul Muhammad Shah Jo Raagi Group – 5 Surs


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1. Sur Yaman Kalyan (11:52) – 2. Sur Sorath (13:07) – 3. Sur Karaayal (9:59) – 4. Sur Sohni (12:55) 5. Sur Hussaini (11:00) – 6. Interview (7:10) (running time 66:03)

Session Photos by Saqib Syed


Faqeer Gul Muhammad Shah Jo Raagi Group sings the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai of Sindh. They continue the tradition of singing his poetry in the style of his companions during his life in Bhit Shah, Sindh which is in modern day Pakistan.

Shah Latif took the folk tales of his region and used them to express his philosophies of love and perseverance through poetry and music. To this day, the raagis sing each night as a devotion at his shrine in Bhit Shah, Sindh, Pakistan.

This album collects of his surs from his book Shah Jo Risalo. The music was recorded at the Institute of Sindhology, in Jamshoro, Sindh. Proceeds go to support the musicians.


gul_muhammadGul Muhammad Faqeer Khaskheli traces his lineage back to Shah Latif’s time. He is the 9th generation in his family to sing the poetry of Latif at his darga in Bhit Shah. He is an Ustad and has paid tribute for over 35 years, singing the poetry in Bhit Shah and around the world.
raheemRaheem Faqeer Junejo has been a Shah Jo Raagi for over 20 years. He sings with his ustad (teacher) Gul Muhammad Faqeer Khaskheli on Sunday nights at the darga of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai in Sindh, Pakistan.
anwar_aliAnwar Ali Faqeer Khaskheli is a student of Gul Muhammad Faqeer Khaskheli. He has been a Shah Jo Raagi for over 30 years, reciting the verses of Shah Latif at his darga in Sindh, Pakistan.
ismail_faqeerMuhammad Ismail Mir Jat has been a Shah Jo Raagi for over 10 years. Initially, he learned under Sheikh Juman Shah Latifi. Today he continues to recite Shah Latif’s poetry under his ustad (teacher) Gul Muhammad Faqeer Khaskheli.
ustad_anb_jogiUstad Anb Jogi is a music director, composer and dholak player who has worked behind the scenes and on stage with many of Pakistan’s greatest musicians. While known as a master dholak nawaz, he is often called upon to create arrangements and compositions as well. His knowledge of classical and folk music were instrumental in bringing this album together.
zulfikar_ali_gopangZulfiqar Ali Gopang is a recording engineer with extensive experience recording the musical traditions of Sindh. His expert skills in recording and knowledge of music have served the Institute of Sindhology as well as Qasim Maka’s AA Records.
zuhaib_balochZuhaib Baloch is an assistant recording engineer at the Institute of Sindhology.
saqib_syedSaqib Syed is a photographer and graphic designer. A graduate of CEAD in Jamshoro, Sindh, he provided his photography skills to capture session photos and invaluable logistical support to the project.
adnanMad Guru is the project of Adnan Hussain who collaborates with traditional artists and practitioners to create new works and thought provoking media. This project to benefit musicians was created as well as mixed and mastered by Mad Guru.

Additional Credits
Recorded at the Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

Thanks to Saeed Mangi, Azam Bugti, Hisamuddin Mirani, Darya Khan Hattar, Najib Rashdi, Hameed Magsi, Afzal Arbani, Ismail Faqeer and Fatah Daud Poto, Imran Nafees Siddiqui and Checkpost.