Adnan Hussain Reel

Reel below. Here are some recent projects, I have not cut into a reel yet:

Dairy Farmers of Canada – 'Mia & Morton' Director's Cut from Gentleman Scholar on Vimeo.

I created all hair and hair simulation using Xgen and Maya, working with Redshift and helped with Xgen pipeline.

Cloth Setup and Simulation

CLoth Setup and Simulation

Cloth Simulation

Adnan Hussain TD Demo Reel 2013

Adnan Hussain TD Reel 2013 from Adnan Hussain on Vimeo.

This reel features shots from various projects I have worked on as a Technical Director doing all kinds of tasks such as modeling, textures, rigging, character animation, lighting, compositing, concept art and illustration. Each shot has an overlay detailing my contribution and the project it was from.

Resume Reel breakdown is on the reel. Email

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