Girnari Jogi Group Album

Girnari Jogi Group Album

$8.50 — $15.50

The Girnari Jogi Group is a group of master musicians based out of Sindh, Pakistan. They are 7th and 8th generation musicians, continuing to hand down their lineage of music. Jogis are known for an instrument called Murli, which is used to play lehra to entrance and charm snakes and jinns. The line up on this album includes Sherebano (vocals), Sanam Chakori (vocals), Ustad Amb Jogi (Dholak), Jairam Jogi (Murli), Bhiko Jogi (Murli), Sajjan Jogi (Harmonium) and Ibrahim Jogi (Tali), Zulfikar Ali Gopang (Recording Engineer), Saeed Mangi (photography) and Adnan Hussain (mixing, editing, packaging).

The album was created to raise funds for these 7th and 8th generation musicians in response to the 2011 floods in Pakistan that claimed their homes. Traditionally, they are snake charmers, and the beautiful raags they play are infused with travels with Sufi saints like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and rooted in the rich traditions of Hindustani Classical music.


Total Running Time 53.8 minutes

Track Listing:

01. Raag Malkauns (classical instrumental) 6:32

02. Jado Matka Howai (Marwari Folk Song) 3:55

03. Teen Taal (Dholak Solo) 7:25

04. Folk Dun (Folk Instrumental) 3:56

05. Meri Jejal (Sindhi Folk Song) 5:25

06. Bol (Dholak Solo) 5:05

07. Lehra (Instrumental) 6:39

08. Khar Taal (Dholak Solo) 7:39

09. 4 Provinces (Dholak Solo) 3.08

10. Loko Tumhara Kya (Kafi Bulleh Shah) 4:21

Thanks to a generous crowd funding campaign at the beginning of 2012, we were able to raise funds to hire the Girnari Jogi Group and pay them several times what they would normally receive to record an album at the Institute of Sindhology in Jamshoro, Sindh. This is part of an effort to raise awareness and income for these master musicians who lost their homes to flooding in Pakistan in 2011.

Sales go directly to the musicians to fund future recordings to further benefit these musicians. The idea is to provide livelihood through music sales and new opportunities through online exposure. 75% of sales will go to the musicians on the album. 25% will be paid forward to the next group of musicians.

Despite their hardship, none of these musicians has asked for help of any kind. Though the need is very real, they do not complain or care to share their difficulties. I want the money to be earned from their music. This is the best way for empowerment. Let them know we value their contribution to the world and acknowledge that we can’t afford the loss of priceless culture handed down through generations of musicians.

CD/DVD Combo graphic design by Amara Javed Graphic Designer.

Girnari Jogi Group Album

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53.8 minutes.

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