Gul Musical Score MP3

Gul Musical Score MP3


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Additional sales go towards the group’s next album.

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Original music composed by Ustad Amb Jogi for my film Gul (flower), recorded at the Institute of Sindhology in Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. The track features traditional Sindhi instruments Dholak, Murli, Tali and Pakistani Banjo.

Sales go directly to the musicians to fund Ustad Amb Jogi’s album, pay each of the musicians involved for their time, travel, food and accommodations. Additional funds will be divided among the musicians to take care of their families. The goal is to pay them higher than they would usually be paid in solidarity for their music and the tough ground realities that they face. Sindhology has graciously agreed to handle the recording. Taxes and processing fees will be the bare minimum that I can manage and I will share updates on this site.

Despite their hardship, none of these musicians has asked for help of any kind. Though the need is very real, they do not complain or care to share their difficulties. I want the money to be earned from their music. This is the best way for empowerment. Let them know we value their contribution to the world and acknowledge that we can’t afford the loss of priceless culture handed down through generations of musicians.


MP3 Music file.
9 minutes and 6 seconds.

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