Faqeer Gul Muhammad Shah Jo Raagi Group – 5 Surs

Faqeer Gul Muhammad Shah Jo Raagi Group - 5 Surs


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Faqeer Gul Muhammad Shah Jo Raagi Group sings the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai of Sindh. They continue the tradition of singing his poetry in the style of his companions during his life in Bhit Shah, Sindh which is in modern day Pakistan.

The line up on this album includes Gul Muhammad Faqeer Khaskheli, Raheem Faqeer Junejo, Anwar Ali Faqeer Khaskheli and Muhammad Ismail Mir Jat all on vocals and tambura. Zulfikar Ali Gopang (Recording Engineer), Saeed Mangi (Director of the Institute of Sindhology) and Mad Guru (mixing, editing, packaging). More information is available here.

Total Running Time 66 minutes

Track Listing:

01. Sur Yaman Kalyan 11:52

02. Sur Sorath 13:07

03. Sur Karaayal 9:59

04. Sur Sohni 12.55

05. Sur Hussaini 11:00

06. Interview 7:10

Zip file containing MP3 Music files.
66 minutes.

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