Social Media Consulting


Social Media is a great way to connect your idea, product or service to a larger audience. It has become an important part of the marketing strategy for most businesses, and an incredible way to keep your audience engaged.

Based on experience with Mad Guru and rHope, running facebook, twitter, website, events, youtube, pinterest and related social media activities, I can provide a range of services to start or expand social media for your brand.

While facebook, twitter etc are some tools for social media, it all starts with a solid understanding of your customers, and how you can fulfill their needs. I can walk you through the basics, or help create a marketing strategy and then implement it or hand it off to your staff.

My affordable consulting services are aimed at helping to get small businesses comfortable with how best to use social media to aid their marketing efforts.

Sample Introduction package – Social Media in Plain English

There are no guaranteed paths to success, but social media is an excellent tool to aid in the process.

Contact me today and see how I can help you!